- Interviews -

Within the context of the shooting of the documentary a range of interviews with members of the Twelve Tribes, outsiders („observers“) and scientists have been produced. Some of them which mention additional, possibly important aspects not addressed in the film are published here. The opinions expressed in the interviews do not necessarily represent the opinion of the film-maker. Especially statements about the spanking of children are published here only for the purpose of understanding the stance of members of the Twelve Tribes better, not justifying them. The film-maker expressly disassociates himself from incitements to violence of any form against children or adults.


Prof. Dr. Susanne Schröter is Executive Director of the Department of Anthropology at Goethe-University Frankfurt am Main.


In the interview she talks about fundamentalism, difficult fields of research and the intervention of the German state in the German communities of the Twelve Tribes.


(This video is available only in German.)


Prof. Dr. C.W. Huntington is Professor of Religious Studies at Hartwick College, Oneonta. On two occasions he invited members of the Twelve Tribes to his introductory course, so that they could tell the students about their way of life.


In the interview he talks about religious worlds, local debates about the Twelve Tribes, and his own experiences and opinion of the group.



David talks about the organization of the Twelve Tribes, hierarchies in the communities and ways of decision-making between the members.

Nezer talks about spanking children with a rod, which in his opinion is an effective and therefore necessary educational method.

David, Derek and Kollevah talk about their attitude towards criticism and their way of dealing with critics of the Twelve Tribes, the prophetically prophesied prosecution of the group and the problematic use of the word „cult“.

Nezer talks about the daily life inside the community, the daily routine, the distribution of tasks and the principle of a shared life.

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