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For a more comprehensive view on the „Twelve Tribes“ the following links point you to several other resources like texts and blogs with different perspectives on the issue. The content of these websites do not necessarily represent the opinion of the film-maker.

Website of the Twelve Tribes






General and scientific informations


Wikipedia: Twelve Tribes


Palmer, Susan J. und Lieselotte Frisk (2014): „Update on the Raid of the Children of the Twelve Tribes in Germany“.


Swantko, Jean A. (1999): „A 25 Year Retrospective on the Impact of the Anti-Cult Movement on Children of the Twelve Tribes Communities“. Paper presented at the 13th International Conference of CESNUR, Bryn Athyn College, Bryn Athyn, PA, June 2-5, 1999.

(Note: Jean A. Swantko is a member of the Twelve Tribes)



Media reporting


Der Spiegel (2004): „Flucht ins Exotische“.


Der Spiegel (2013): „Wer liebt, der schlägt“.


Sydney Morning Herald (2008): „Spare and rod and spoil the ...“.


The Guardian (2000): „Racist sect digs in at rock festivals: Christian fundamentalists are taking advantage of open air music gatherings to spread anti-semitic messages“.


The Independent (2013): „'It is our right to use the willow cane': Inside the Twelve Tribes Christian fundamentalist sect at centre of childcare controversy“.



Critical websites, reports of former members and „cult watch websites“


Apologetic Index (2012): „Twelve Tribes“.


Bulwer, Perry (2011): „Twelve Tribes continue to reject cult label while physically, intellectually and spiritually abusing their children“.


CEI (2014): „Twelve Tribes/Messianic Communities“.


Cult News (2005): „'Cult' payoff for 'scholar'?“.


NEIRR (2006): „Twelve Tribes“.


twelvetribes-ex (2010)


Youtube (2013): "Interview with Rosemary" 


Similar research project